Yehege Chochmah al HaTorah - Bereshis / Shemos - ספר יהגה חכמה עה"ת - בראשית שמות

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ספר יהגה חכמה על התורה חלק א - בראשית - שמות

משיחותיו של ר' יוסף יצחק פייגלשטאק זצ"ל ראש ישיבה מתיבתא ד'לאנג ביטש

יצה לאור שנת: תשפ"ב

Yehege Chochmah al HaTorah - Bereshis / Shemos

The Mesivta of Long Beach stands among the most prestigious Torah institutions in America. For over half of a century, it has been led by one of the leading Talmidim of Rav Aharon Kotler zt”l – Rav Yitzchok Feigelstock.  It is well known that Rav Aharon consulted very often with Rav Feigelstock, whom he considered as one of his closest students.  His shmuessim and divrei Torah inspired a nation in their most formative years. 

Generations of Talmidim have been enthralled with Rav Feigelstock’s unique combination of the emotional and the intellectual.

Now, for the first time – five decades of shmuessim are now distilled into one remarkable Sefer.

 Yehegeh Chochma does the job.  It informs.  It inspires.  It motivates as it simultaneously stimulates.

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