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The Path to Joyful Jewish ParentingHow can I establish a loving, non-judgmental relationship
with each of my children?
Where's my map to this uncharted territory?Is there a parenting school? Where do I sign up?Rebbetzin Devorah Eisenbach has been a Torah teacher and mentor for over
50 years. She is the founder of the Jewish Women's Education League (JEWEL)
and its flagship JEWEL Introductory Program.Fueled by a sense of gratitude for her own journey of personal growth as a parent,
grandparent and great-grandparent, Rebbetzin Eisenbach illustrates how Torah
concepts fit seamlessly and practically into parenting. Join us as she shares her
wise, gentle and loving knowledge and insights - and shows how we can all enjoy
our journey of parenting and growth.Rebbetzin Eisenbach's advice is cogent,
enlightening and practical, peppered with
a multitude of useful and heartwarming
examples. Read three pages of this
book - any three pages - and you
will be infused with astute and
judicious insight.
Rabbi Hanoch TellerMrs. Eisenbach is a dedicated, upright,
wise Torah woman. This hands-on,
invaluable sefer, filled with interesting and
humorous stories, gives practical advice
and effective parenting strategies and
techniques. A refreshing and
novel approach.
Rebbetzin Vital KalmanowitzA masterpiece! Your observations and
advice are kind and gentle and so very sweet.
I can't wait for your book to be published
so that I can give copies to all of my children,
grandchildren and students.
Rabbi Avrohom Chaim FeuerInformative, interesting, inspiring,
and instructive. A valuable tool and
literal handbook for successful
childrearing from a Torah perspective.
Rabbi Zev Leff

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