Reclaiming Dignity

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With hashkafic and halachic explorations that untangle the threads of mitzvah, middah, halachah, and cultural practice, Reclaiming Dignity highlights the universal relevance of tzniut to both men and women, evoking a sense of empowerment and pride in this significant Jewish value.

In Part I, a diverse anthology of twenty-six essays by leading educators and influencers presents honest and personal perspectives on this sensitive topic.

In Part II, a comprehensive, source-based explanation of the halachot will transform the way we understand and learn about tzniut, helping you relate to this challenging mitzvah in a nuanced and positive fashion.

“A most important work for those seeking a comprehensive and intelligent understanding of this crucial aspect of Torah life.”

– Rabbi Ahron Lopiansky

“This book is written with great care, providing sources for every single detail, so that anyone who wishes to look into a specific issue will have the correct address to find it.”

– Rabbi Herschel Shachter

“Rabbi Manning manages to show the special beauty of the world of tzniut in a way that will motivate people and give them the impetus to be properly observant in this area.”

– Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon

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