The Power of Pain

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To Healing, Resilience,
And Growth
How?How can one deal with pain that won't go away?How do people go forward with serenity and resilience
when the road ahead appears dark and difficult?
The Power of Pain describes how sufferers have transformed
their pain into something purposive and meaningful, shining
light into the darkness."An inspiring and instructive personal story of faith in the face of
Rabbi Moshe Hauer
Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union
"Mrs. Moss valiantly clawed back the life that she wanted
to live. She learned to accept her condition and live by her
values... I publicly thank her for the wonderful gift of sharing her
story so others can benefit."
Dr. David H. Rosmarin, PhD
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School
"This is a wonderful book, based upon personal experience,
and bolstered by the wisdom of the Jewish religion. It is clear,
practical, useful, and inspiring. It is a book for which people in
pain have long been searching."
Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
Executive Vice President, Emeritus, Orthodox Union

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