Bedtime Stories #2

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27 Stories"Perel; it's bedtime!" Mommy calls out."Mommy, will you tell me a bedtime story tonight?" Perel asks
hopefully.Mommy hears the silent plea for those precious, special
moments that Perel treasures each night anew. She turns to
the bookshelf to find the volume of Bedtime Stories. Now,
they're ready to begin!There's a secret formula to the'perfect bedtime stor'y. The story
can't be too long, but it also can't be too short. The language
must be age-appropriate and charming illustrations play an
important role in the bedtime experience.The series of Bedtime Stories is custom-made to
meet and exceed all expectations. This
collection of dramatic stories, detailed
illustrations, and Torah-true values
will accompany your child into the
land of sweet dreams.

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