Beri and Peri Go To Sleep With A Smile

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The Beri and Peri Series demonstrates, on an age-appropriate level, that everything
can be done with a smile.

Beri and Peri are two adorable little characters who teach our youngest readers that they can 'Go to Sleep' at night, 'Wake Up' in the morning, 'Help Their Parents', and 'Go Shopping' - all with a great big smile!

The charming illustrations make these lessons come alive in a special way.

The 'Beri and Peri - With a Smile' Series is based on everyday events that our children experience daily. These events are described and illustrated in a charming and captivating way that children find irresistible.

Each book helps them learn how to go about their day happy and content, so that both parents and children can embrace life with a smile!

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