Depths Of Despair

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 Dear Reader

Throughout the Second World War, the horrors above-ground were obuious and well-known.

Yidden were tortured and killed while the world stood by and watched. At the same time, underground,

many Yidden were able to hide out with Hashem's help. The Nazis brought out the worst in themselves and
their collaborators, but there were some righteous Gentiles who showed that kindness and compassion
were not completely wiped out. They tried to save Yidden, as much as the situation allowed.

This book tells the story of one such family that hid underground with the help of a kindhearted peasant.

But a neighbor - an evil, greedy man was mighty suspicious and that's when the troubles began...

Will Ber'ke and his family manage to evade his evil grasp? Will the Nazis capture them? Will they suruive
the bitter cold and constant hunger?

Meet the heroes of our story in the pages of this book and marvel at Hashem's hashgachah every step of the
way. It's a thrilling journey and Ber'ke invites you to join!  

Author: E. Kenig

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