The Miracle - Kenig

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 Dear Reader,

What happened at the river?

Why did Poritz Pan Dobrovsky suddenly
disappear? What forced Avrohom and his family to escape?

And who is that scary man who frightens the peasants? Why does he have dealings with Pan Stash Dobrovsky?

The fascinating answers to these suspenseful questions are hiding between the pages of The Miracle!
This book will lead you in the footsteps of our young heroes all the way to Rakov. The truth will be revealed in an astounding
way and the story will culminate in a most shocking - and thrilling - finale!

The Miracle is a suspenseful and meaningful story, studded with uplifting lessons in true emunah,
loads of information, and a sprinkling of humor to make you smile.

It's a thriller!  

Author: E. Kenig

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