Nekudos Adventures with Ziggawat

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Nine Exciting Tales in Junior Comic Style

Children’s favorite fluffy yellow friend, Ziggawat, is back with nine more exciting stories which help teach the Hebrew vowels, middos tovos and much, much more! Especially designed for multi-level ages, Nekudah Adventures with Ziggawat is a book which will grow with your child.

- For ages 4-6: Lovable Ziggawat helps endear the nekudah vowels to the children as they learn the vowels’ unique shapes and sounds through the amusing stories. With adorable animated nekudos, engaging illustrations, and great read-aloud stories with everyday problems and hilarious not-so-everyday solutions, children will laugh as they learn!

- For ages 7-9: Written in action packed comic style, the stories capture the interest of older children as well. Readers will delight in these humorous stories, which at the same time contain deep meaningful lessons. With “Middos Wonders” thinking challenges, teaching V’ahavta L’rayacha Kamocha, and fascinating “Torah Tales” connected to each story, Ziggawat fans can continue to learn and grow - in joy! 

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