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M. HershkowitzSKU: 210000032599   | ISBN: 9789657769881

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Dahir Al-Amar was a kindly sheikh who treated the Jews well. At his invitation, the tzaddik Rabi Chaim Abulafia settled in Teveria and established a flourishing Jewish community there.But the happy days were not to last.

Suliman Pasha, the king's viceroy and personal enemy of the sheikh, embarked on a mission: to destroy the city of Teveria and the Jewish community within it.A terrible feargrips the city. Only Rabi Abulafia remains calm...

Read about an impossible battle, brilliant war tactics, kindly gestures, a strong fortress, boats filled with canons, and most of all - wholehearted trust in Hashem and in the tzaddik.


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