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M. HershkowitzSKU: 210000032597   | ISBN: 9789657769942

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Leifenbaum, Poland, 1650.

Nestled within a large forest lies a village with a small Jewish
community.When the Jews of the village face serious danger, four little
children resolve to save the day!The children won't allow anything to stand in their way! Not
the priest, not the old ruler, not the gypsies or their circus,
not the pack of dangerous wolves that roam the village
streets, and not even a fierce giant!Meet nine-year-old Shloimy, eight-year-old Naftali and the
seven-year-old twins, Devorah and Tzipporah. Learn valuable
lessons from a mysterious hidden tzaddik, and join them on a
journey filled with steadfast emunah
in Hashem.


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